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Bryant Smith Award

Bryant Smith was a former Chicopee Amberjack. He was a dedicated swimmer. It was the one sport he truly loved. Bryant was a 4th grader at Bowie School when he was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 9. He continued to swim and competed in the Summer Swim Championships in 2001. He swam in the evenings, even after receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Nothing prevented him from continuing to participate in the sport that he loved. He was a well loved young man.

Bryant went to Boston in Sept of 2001 for a bone marrow transplant. He passed away on Dec 3, 2001 at the age of 10, following complications from the transplant. His spirit lives on in every swimmer. He has inspired his brother Marvin and his sister Samara to continue on in his absence. His unwillingness to let this disease stop him from doing the things he loved and his dedication to the sport of competitive swimming has inspired the Amberjacks Swim Team to develop an award each season, “The Bryant J. Smith Team Spirit Award”.

The Smith Family

This award is given each season to the Amberjacks Swimmer who displays a competitive spirit, care and concern for fellow swimmers, respect for coaching staff, workers and officials and who sets the best example for up and coming swimmers. This swimmer must also display an overall great attitude for the sport of swimming, the Amberjacks team and fellow swimmers.